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Notice - if using GPS devices, type in Larry's Fish Farm - GPS devices have the tendancy to take previous customers south of Giddings.

Directions to Larry's Fish Farm:

From Giddings - Turn North on Hwy 77. From the front of Giddings High School, which in North of Giddings on Hwy 77, we are exactly 4 miles from the front of the high school building on the left hand side of 77. If you pass us up and get to FM 1624, you will need to turn around and come back one half mile to the fish mailbox with 4203 under it.

From Hwy 77 from the North (Lexington, Hwy 21 from Caldwell). Go South on Hwy 77 from Hwy 21 overpass, proceed a couple of miles and there will be a intersection for FM 1624. From the intersection of FM 1624 and Hwy 77, stay on Hwy 77 as we are are one half mile after this intersection of FM 1624. Stay on Hwy 77 until you see a mailbox with the number 4203.

From Hwy 21 and Hwy 290 from the West (Austin, Elgin, Bastrop).  From the Hwy 21 / 290 overpass, take Hwy 21 East towards Caldwell / Bryan. Proceed about 10 miles until you get to an intersection of FM1624, which there will be a yellow caution light. Turn right on FM 1624. Proceed about one mile and you will intersect with Hwy 77 where you will have a stop sign. Turn right on to Hwy 77. Proceed one half mile south on Hwy 77 and look for 4203 under mailbox.

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